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vehicle installations

Damage Free Vehicle Installations - OEM Interface

vehicle installation service
Image of installed IPOD interface
LOOK - Nothing to See!!

Avoid the BLING with New OEM Interfaces.

At Vehicle Installation Services we are specialists in adding non-visible upgrades and enhancements to vehicles so that interiors can remain unspoiled and in their Original Condition.

Phone Kit in VW

(Above) Picture showing a genuine style VW Phone kit supplied and installed by Vehicle Installation Services. The phone book and call register etc are all visible in the display and the kit can be controlled by the multi-function controls on the VWs' steering wheel.

Looking for Vehicle Upgrades without clutter?

We have the Solution!...

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) interfaces

With most new vehicles now including factory built in dashboard board screens and steering wheel controls we specialise in

  • Interfacing aftermarket equipment to existing controls

Giving the owner the feel of factory built equipment with the additional benefits of aftermarket equipment.

We can enhance and add to your standard vehicle equipment without any additional equipment being on view, leaving your vehicle in its original state.

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