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vehicle installations

Damage Free Vehicle Installations - Parking Sensors

vehicle installation service
installed parking sensors

(Above)Installed Parking Sensors, coloured to match the bumper

installed rear parking sensors

(Above)Installed Rear Parking Sensors

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Parking Sensors

We can supply and fit a wide range of Parking Assistance equipment. Rear and/or Front parking can be aided by the installation of sensors into your rear and/or front bumper. Through technology installed into the vehicle the driver is warned of the distance of obstacles to the rear or in front of the vehicle. This warning can be either an

  • Audible Sound

    which changes according to distance or from a

  • Cabin Mounted Display

    that provides a visual warning.

We also supply and fit a range of;

  • Camera based systems

that display the rear or front outside image to the driver by way of an

  • In-cabin Colour LCD screen or
  • Interfaced to an existing manufacturers SAT NAV Display

We are able to colour code any sensor perfectly to match the colour of the vehicle. We match our installations to the original manufacturers design to avoid any unsightly intrusion upon the look of the vehicle.

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