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vehicle installations

Speed Camera Safety Systems

vehicle installation service
image of a Pogo Drive

(Above) Installed Pogo Alert LCD

small image of a hands-free carkit in a holsterThe discretely installed sensor

(Above, Left ) Shows a BMW front grill before we installed sensors

(Above, Right)Shows the same BMW with sensors discretely installed

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Speed Camera Alert System Installation quote
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*Speed Camera Safety Systems

With more and more speed cameras on our roads the POGO Alert System is a must have with its clear colour TFT LCD screen and clear voice alerts for

  • Speed Cameras
  • Accident Blackspots
  • Schools
  • Congestion Charge Zones

All within one unit which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with no installation or can be fully fitted by our engineers.

*Laser Difusers

We also offer laser based parking systems that work on licence free wavelength 904.

These systems are not sold as laser jammers but are fully operational parking sensors. When professionaly installed by our engineers these systems fit neatly and unobtrusively into your vehicle.

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