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vehicle installations

Damage Free Vehicle Installations - Fleet Tracking

vehicle installation service
illustrations of a=tracking system courtesy of neattrack

Advanced customisations can be tailored to your companies individual requirements e.g

  • Refrigeration Sensors
  • Send/Receive work via the in-vehicle screen
  • Driver ID (who is driving which vehicle)
Less than 50p per day!

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Fleet tracking and management is made easy and cost effective with the NEATRACK Online Tracking System.

We are the recommended installers for NEATRACK Online Tracking System.

Once we have installed the system for you, you then simply log into the NEATRACK website, and there you will find the exact location of your entire fleet visually displayed in real-time. It really is that simple! The NEATRACK system

  • Pinpoints the Exact Location of Vehicles
  • Provides Real-Time Tracking
  • Produces Spreadsheet Reporting
  • Incorporates Free Text Messaging to all Fleet Vehicles

Real time tracking and free text messaging are available to any number of vehicles. This is a must have system cost cutting system for Fleet Managers which is easily transferable between vehicles.

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