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"Thatcham Cat 1" (or just "Cat 1") is the approval for a combined car alarm and immobiliser, The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or "Thatcham" as it is widely known (taken from its Berkshire location), was established in 1969 by British Insurers. It was given the job in 1992 of developing a set of guidelines aimed at improving the effectiveness and reliability of various forms of security devices, from steering wheel locks to audible car alarm systems.

Insurance Premiums are reduced for vehicles with Thatcham approved security but when a claim is made it must be proved that installation has been carried out by a certified company . Unless these products are fitted by a certified installer, they are not recognised by the insurance companies. So even if you have a Cat-1 device on your vehicle, your claim will fail if your car is broken into or stolen and you don't have the proper installation certificate.

All engineers at Vehicle Installation Services are Certified Thatcham Cat 1 Installers

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